Your Best, Your Only

Your Best, Your Only.

Seiichi Nurino, the president of Seiwa, has worked in pearl industry for 30 years. Sorting pearls, processing pearls, and communicating customers. As a position of buying pearls, his wish is that he offers high quality pearls with reasonable price to customers.

Circulation of pearls is a little unusual.
Pearl is natural jewel which is made from a shell. Pearls are cultivated all over Japan. There are many pearl cultivation, Uwajima, Ise, Kyusyu, and so on. About pearl business, each process is divided into each company. Pearl producer makes pearls from shell. Pearl processer make pearl strand from a pearl. Surprisingly, there is also a company of bringing up Akoya shell from young shell. In this way, each company works each process. But the connection of those companies is not good. They work only themselves without connection between others. The present situation is that each company involve in a part of pearl business.

Choose pearls from a cloud of pearls.

We can buy many kinds of pearls from many pearl companies because we have connection with pearl industry. But it's be required to have ability which can choose good pearls from many pearls.

It's very important to look pearls every day. To know pearl more detail is essential to this process. We continue to look pearls, and to evaluate it every day. So we become available to choose good pearls, and we can offer the best one to customers. We think the price of pearls should be adapted fair price. Actually there are some salespersons who doesn't know pearls. They can't tell the true attraction of pearls to customers. As a result, customers can't know pearls much. PEARL SEIWA's staff are persons who works in pearl wholesale company, so every staff know pearls much. We promise to explain the true beauty of pearls to customers, and to the best one for customer's budget.

PEARL SEIWA, there is in Okachimachi of jewelry town, interacts with all customers with the spirit of hospitality.