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The SEIWA’s Classic AKOYA

Gorgeous most elegant with delicate brilliance, Very suitable for fair skin tones,
Since ancient times it has been decorating women’s necks.
Akoya Pearls, which are representative of pearls, there is an overwhelming beauty.


Akoya Choker necklace

Recommended for those who have Akoya necklace for the first time.
The most standard pearl necklace, it can be used in any scene, any ceremonial occasions.


Akoya Long necklace

If you already have a standard Akoya necklace, how about a long necklace?
In addition to wearing it in long strands, you can enjoy various arrangements such as knotting, twisting and doubling.


Akoya Necklace and Earring Set

Earrings of the same color, shape and grade are available as a set along with the choker necklace.
Will make you gorgeously fancier in special occasions.

FASCINATION Akoya pearl shades


The color in white

Many people think of Akoya pearls as “white pearls”, but Akoya pearls come in variety of shades even if they say “white”.
There are also the original colors of Akoya pearls, and there are also shades created by the application of toning and dyeing.


Natural beauty and unified beauty

There are two types of Akoya pearls: untoned pearls" that make use of the original color and toned pearls" that give a sense of unity by adjusting the color.
Each person has a different charm, and each person prefers either one.
Which pearl do you choose?


Differences in size and length give different impressions

Akoya pearls come in a variety of sizes. There are also several patterns for the length of a single necklace.
The size of the grain and the length of the necklace greatly change the impression of the wearer.
We will explain the size and length that suits you.


Premium Pearls Premium PEARLS


Untoned Pearl
Premium PEARLS Akoya’s highest peak

Specialty Grand Pearl

The special pearls are rare given that the selected pearls through quality inspections performed by the Japanese Pearl Export Processing Association, a professional group of pearls, and is proof of the highest grade pearls.

*Grand Pearl is the highest quality as a result of the strict and comprehensive visual evaluation performed by the reviewers and the evaluators of PEPCA, a pearl professional group, based on each sort and quality factors of pearls in the category and those evaluated and certified. *Among the “SPECIAL Pearls / Grand Pearls, Special Pearls / has been evaluated and certified as having particular high quality. See from Japan Pearl Export Processing Association website.


Toned Pearl
The Highest Peak Akoya Pearl

Northern lights

“Aurora Tenyo” is a special name that emphasizes the distinctiveness of “Luster (teri)” in “Aurora Tenyo”.
It is necessary and sufficient conditions that the luminance distribution value show 90% or more of the maximum value and that reflected interference light appears vividly in three or more colors from red to green. A special name given to pearls that have been tested and passed according to the definition of the Pearl Science Institute is “Aurora Tenyo”.


The Highest Peak Akoya Necklace


We conduct quality inspections on items specified by the AGL (Jewelry Discrimination Association) and give AGL Pearl Inspection Certificate to pearls judged to have sufficient durability and quality as jewelry items. We started grading based on the quality inspection.

At PEARL SEIWA, we will prepare products that can be judged with professional eyes and introduced with confidence. In addition, we offer pearls that have been certified by third-party organization and are firmly graded.

HOW TO CHOOSE How to choose / How to choose quality

Pearls are jewelry made by shellfish.
It is evaluated by six items: winding (maki), luster(teri) (luster), surface condition, shape, color and size.
Pearl Seiwa carefully selects high quality Akoya Pearls from various quality Akoya pearls and offers
a wide variety of Akoya Pearls from reasonable to high quality items.

And pearls do not have a clear standard like (grades) Diamonds.
But we want to guide which to choose when purchasing.

PEARL SEIWA has its own standards so that the customer can purchase with confidence.
Regarding quality evaluation, we evaluate it strictly with the professional eyes of pearl.
Please choose according to your preference and budget.


A RankAkoya Untoned Necklace


luster(teri) winding(maki) and surface condition will be the highest rank. It has a strong feeling of solid nacre, less visible ekubo. The surface condition is fine.


B RankAkoya Untoned Necklace


Luster(teri)is slightly lower than A rank, but not inferior. The shape is semi-round and some (ekubo) flaws are seen. When wearing it will be of the range that you won’t even bother.


C RankAkoya Untoned Necklace


There is a shape such as ekubo that can be picked up in a semi- round shape. When worn, it will be that difficult to recognize. At our shop, we can provide you various of pearls of various qualities.

we also offer various qualities of Akoya pearls.
Try to find the pearls and pearls that you are satisfied with while actually picking them up and applying them to your skin.
If you are looking for Akoya pearls, please come to PEARL SEIWA ATTIC.

Click here for a detailed
explanation of quality

If you are looking for Akoya pearls,
please come to PEARL SEIWA ATTIC.



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