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About BLACK South Sea Pearls

Black pearls are pearls produced by bivalves called black pearl oysters (black pearl oyster /English name Black-lip Oyster, etc. /Scientific name Pinctada margaritifera).
The black pearl oyster is a bivalve of the family Pteriidae, with a total length of about 10 to 15 cm. The inside of the shell is covered with a nacre with a silvery white luster, and only the periphery becomes blackish, so it is called "black lip". Most of the black pearls distributed around the world are cultivated in Tahiti, preferring warm waters with seawater temperatures of 24-29 degrees Celsius.

The charm of black pearls that shine in various colors

The charm of black pearls is the wide variety of colors.
The color of black pearls is a mixture of red, green, and yellow, with a focus on green, and there are various colors such as green, black, yellow, purple, brown, silver, and white. These colors range from dark to light and there are numerous variations. In terms of many color variations, it is No. 1 among pearls.
In recent years, more and more people are incorporating it into daily fashion.