Pearl SEIWA ueno okachimachi



About Freshwater pearls

Freshwater pearls are produced from the freshwater bivalves of the Unionidae family called Hyriopsis schlegelii(池蝶貝/English name Freshwater Mussel/Scientific name Hyriopsis schlegelii)and Hyriopsis schlegelii (池蝶貝/English name Triangle Sail Mussel/Scientific name Hyriopsis cumingii). The total length is about 20 cm.
Hyriopsis schlegelii inhabits only part of the Yodo River system in and around Lake Biwa, and Hyriopsis schlegelii inhabits the Yangtze River basin in China.

A wide variety of colors and shapes

The charm of freshwater pearls is their abundant color variations and lovely shapes. There are various shades of pearls such as pink, orange, purple and white, and there are various shapes such as rice, potatoes and baroque.
There are also nucleated freshwater pearls, but most of the distribution is nucleated. Also, all pearls are made of nacre. The appeal of freshwater pearls is that they do not easily change over time.