Pearl SEIWA ueno okachimachi



About South Sea Pearls Gold

White south sea pearls are pearls made from bivalves called white butterfly mussels(white butterfly shells/English name Silver-lip OysterGold-lip Oyster etc./Scientific namePinctada maxima). It is born from the white south sea (gold lip).
The white pearl oyster is the largest bivalve of the Pteriida family among pearl oysters, and the large one has a total length of about 30 cm. It mainly inhabits Southeast Asian waters such as the Philippines, Indonesia, and Myanmar.

Gorgeous golden glow created by nature

The charm of white south sea pearl gold is gorgeousness. Of course, there are various types of gold, from light champagne gold to dark gold, but what they all have in common is their gorgeousness. The most attractive color of gold pearl is the uplifting color.