Pearl SEIWA ueno okachimachi



About South Sea Pearls

White pearls are pearls made from bivalves called white pearl oysters (white pearl oysters / English name Silver-lip Oyster, Gold-lip Oyster, etc. /Scientific name Pinctada maxima). It is born from a white pearl oyster (silver lip).
The white pearl oyster is the largest bivalve of the Pteriida family among pearl oysters, and the large one has a total length of about 30 cm. It mainly inhabits the northern waters of Australia.

White volume gives off a strong presence

The nacre of white south sea pearls is considerably thicker than Akoya pearls, and there are many deformations, and there are many variations in shape. South Sea pearls produced in various shades such as "silver pink", "silver", "silver gray" and "yellow". The biggest feature of white south sea pearls is their voluminous size, which Akoya pearls do not have. Since the pearl oyster is the largest type of pearl oyster, the pearls that are born are also large, and some pearls reach 20 mm. The elegant white color and the size that makes the color stand out make the white butterfly pearls endlessly attractive.