Pearl SEIWA ueno okachimachi

How to choose pearl


Pearl that suits each individual according to body shape and skin color.

Here, we will mainly talk about how to select Akoya pearls used in ceremonial occasions.
What is often asked by customers is that if larger pearls are better? Certainly larger one’s looks better and seem more valuable…
Can smaller person can wear larger pearl? Only pearls will stand out?...
PEARLS should be worn in a size that suits each person regardless of size.

What is a size that suits each person?

There is a size that can be worn by any body type. It is 8-8.5mm. The size sold generally in most stores are 7-7.5mm or 7.5-8mm because of its price settings 8-8.5mm is the size that we recommend that will go with any body shape and any age.


Pearl=round and white, everyone has that kind of image. However, pearls have a base color that gives to rise interference colors.
Interference color is the color created by light. The color in which light enters and reflects from that nacre is the interference color. The Pinks and greens found in the nacre are the colors created by this interference. It is divided into pink and greens found in the nacre are the colors created by this interference. It is divided into pink and green in human eyes. The pink system is gorgeous and the green system is the moist.

Toned and Untoned pearls

Toned and Untoned Pearls The biggest difference of Toned and Untoned Pearls.
To put it simply, there is only one pearl from a pearl oyster. It is born with a color that has individuality as if one by one everyone’s skin tone is different. Toning process has been performed since the invention of cultured pearls,
When toned, each pearl is enhanced, a pink pigment that put into the nacre to create a sense of unity in color. Untoned One’s are pearls straight up from shells without enhancement, straight out.

For Ceremonial occasions, white and blue hues are recommended.

Pearls come in colors that look great with your clothes. The appearance changes depending on the color of the pearl. We recommend that you try it on.