Pearl SEIWA ueno okachimachi

Pearl Care


Basic care for Pearls is “wipe after us.”

Various stains such as sweat, make up and dust are attached to the pearl after use. If the dirt is left as it is, the dirt will penetrate into the nacre and will lead to deterioration.
Neglecting human skin can cause spots and dullness. The same as pearls. If not take care, it may be dull or discolored

You can wipe it with your own soft cloth, but it can be done effectively with a pearl- specific cleaning cloth or teri cloth. The dirt attached to the pearl is sticky and may not be completely wiped off with a soft cloth. We recommend wiping with the special cloth.

Please wipe the pearls by rolling pearls with one fingertip to roll with each fingertip. If you pull and wipe the necklace, the thread will stretch or break. Wipe it gently with your fingertips.

Pearl Cleaning

Diamond products and colored stones may be finished as new. Wash it with a special washing machine or polish with a polishing machine and revive it like a new one.
Can pearls really do such same thing?

In fact, you can. Polish pearls! Will the pearls be scratched? I'm worried.

Micro-polishing is performed using “Pearl Refresh Cloth” in which the abrasive is kneaded. It feels like stripping the nacre at the micro level, like peeling skin on human, so the size of the pearl will not be reduced and there will be no scratches so please be rest assured.
In addition, cleaning may be performed using a special machine “Pearl Refresher” (Patent no. 5303735).
*Pearl cleaning can only be performed on pearls that certain criteria.

In order to keep them beautiful forever, it must be well taken care of.